Gold Partner

We have more than 200 partners and hundreds of certified developers ready to help!

Gold Partners are our most valued partners. The program consists of support, promotion, insight, exclusive advantages and customized service.

Gold Partners have made a higher level of commitment to Umbraco by financially supporting the core Umbraco CMS with 10,000€/year. We are very grateful for this financial contribution as it ensures a viable and sustainable Umbraco project.

Obviously, this partnership has the most benefits - in fact, it has so many benefits that we’ve decided to “only” brag about seven of them here:

Support - we’ve got your back!

As a Gold Partner, you have a guaranteed lifeline directly into Umbraco HQ and our dedicated support team. So if you’re ever having troubles with Umbraco, we’ve got your back! We’ll even let you jump the queue.

Custom Assistance - let’s find a fit for YOU

Being a Gold Partner means that we’ll “take you by the hand” to ensure that your experience with Umbraco is as smooth as possible.

  • Technically we support you by offering architectural advising before, during and after a project, if you need it. Further, we offer to do code review on your projects in development. This way you’ll be able to get the best out of working with Umbraco, plus collaborate with some of the great minds behind the CMS!
  • We give you the latest Umbraco marketing and communications material to help assist your clients in understanding Umbraco and its benefits.
  • If you need sales support we will gladly assist you. And if you need help landing a project - let us know and we’ll be happy to join the frontline, such as participating in a meeting or pitch, doing demos or anything else that might help you win that client! 


Certification - a “Seal of Approval”

A Gold Partner has the necessary skills for working with Umbraco, as it is a requirement that you have at least two Umbraco Certified Developers on your team. This is achieved by a minimum of 8 training days in-house or 400 Certification Points.


Gold Partner Logo - a visual validation

The visual “Seal of Approval” comes in the form of the Gold Partner Logo. With this logo you can guarantee your clients that not only do you have the required skills to work efficiently with Umbraco, but that you are truly dedicated to the solution and your position as expert providers. 


Training - ensuring that your skills are up-to-date

As a Gold Partner, we make sure that your developers are as up-to-date and efficient as possible by giving you unlimited access to all the productivity boosting add-ons such as Umbraco TV, Courier and Forms. Twice a year you’ll also be able to send one of your developers to our special “Gold Partner Academy” - a free training course especially designed for Gold Partners. And if you’re in the need of special on-site training then we’ll be happy to help you with that as well.


Lead Generation - sending potential clients your way

In order to help lead potential clients your way, we shout about your company on our website and list your certified developers. Furthermore, as a Gold Partner you get a special Gold Partner profile on our website with a direct “contact us” form to gather and send leads directly from us to you. Have a look at an example here. To help you stand out from your competitors even further, we offer to write case studies about your best Umbraco projects on our blog. Lastly, if a client comes to us seeking advice on a partner for a project, we always recommend the most qualified Gold Partners for the specific project.


The best Umbraco Cloud Referral Program advantages

As both an incentive and an appreciation, we offer Gold Partners the best advantages on the Umbraco Cloud Referral Program. As a Gold Partner enrolled in the Umbraco Cloud Referral Program, we give you a 20% recurring referral fee on your Umbraco Cloud Starter projects, on top of all the delightful benefits of the service itself. Better yet - we let you buy a Professional project on Umbraco Cloud for just 100€/month instead of 400€/month.

You’ll find all the details about the Umbraco Cloud Referral Program here or feel free to contact our Major Friends Maker, Anders T. Sørensen for more information.


What else does the Gold Partner Program include?

Have a look at this overview:


How do I become a Gold Partner?

Intrigued? Please contact Anders Trans Sørensen for more details on how to become a Gold Partner.  


Watch Gold Partner Next Digital explain why they chose Umbraco and became Gold Partners.