Paul Sterling
Umbraco Certified Master

Umbraco Certified Master is a developer with the highest level of developer certification. A Certified Master has committed to achieving all available Umbraco training courses and thereby has build up a 360 degree understanding of building applications on Umbraco.

  • Located in United States

  • Employed at: Motus Connect

  • Has a total certification score of: 300

Umbraco Fundamentals

Umbraco, MVC and Visual Studio

Extending the Umbraco backoffice

Umbraco Application Integration

Paul Sterling's Umbraco training history

This is to certify that Paul Sterling has attended the following certification courses and passed the mandatory certification test.

Umbraco 7

Course Attendance date Points
Search and taxonomy September 2016 50
Umbraco application integration September 2016 50
Extending the Umbraco backoffice with AngularJS September 2016 50
Umbraco Fundamentals September 2016 100
Umbraco, mvc and Visual Studio May 2016 50