Certified Partner

We have more than 200 partners and hundreds of certified developers ready to help!

A validated partnership with promotion, special advantages and insight.

As a Certified Partner, you can assure your customers that you have a proven Umbraco track record and recognised skills, by being certified by Umbraco. The Certified Partner program consists of five elements:


Certification - a seal of approval

In order to call yourself a Certified Partner, you need at least two of your developers to have passed our official Umbraco training courses, and are therefore Certified Umbraco Developers. In total, this requires a minimum of 400 Certification Points.

Certification points are calculated from the number of a Certified Partners in-house certifications:

  • Fundamentals Cerification: 100 Points
  • Umbraco, Mvc and Visual Studio: 50 Points
  • Extending the Umbraco Backoffice: 50 Points
  • Umbraco Application Integration: 50 Points

Certified Partner Logo - a visual validation

The visual “Seal of Approval” comes with the Certified Partner Logo. With this logo on your website, you can stand out from the competition whilst proving to potential clients that you have the skills and knowledge to work with Umbraco professionally.


Promotion - let us send new customers your way

Because we think it is awesome that you’ve acquired the official Umbraco qualifications, we will shout about your company on our website and list your Umbraco certified developers for potential clients to see.


Partner Newsletter - be at the forefront of the development of Umbraco

As a Certified Partner, you will automatically receive our Partner Newsletter. Unlike our uNews, this newsletter keeps you informed of the latest news on Umbraco as an organisation. It will also include commercial content to help assist your clients in understanding Umbraco, and will give you the latest information on products, marketing material and offers.


Umbraco Cloud Referral Program - we pay you a recurring referral fee

On top of all this, you’ll get invited to enroll in the Umbraco Cloud Referral Program which will give you a monthly recurring profit on your UaaS projects. As a Certified Partner enrolled in the program, we give you a 20% recurring referral fee on your projects created on UaaS, on top of all the delightful benefits of the service itself!

We like to think of it as our pat-on-the-back to you for taking on Umbraco as a Service. Read all about how the Referral Program works here.


How do I become a Certified Partner?


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