We're not robots, corporate cowboys or basement hackers. We're just human beings. Like you. Or maybe there is a tiny robot hacker cowboy in all of us. You decide...

Niels Hartvig


Niels is the founder of Umbraco and remains the project's heart and soul. Niels started Umbraco out of necessity but has maintained it out of love and  now Umbraco has a life far beyond his wildest dreams. Niels is the inspiration behind Umbraco's community focus, its dedication to quality, and  its no-compromise approach to simplicity. He can be found improving bits of core functionality as often as he can be found encouraging others to take Umbraco to its limit.

Other than spreading the Umbraco love, Niels spends time with his wife and three sons and reminisces about his days producing music with his now dust-collecting analogue synths.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: new business enquiries, Umbraco opportunities, head-honcho stuff!

Per Ploug


Per admits he’s never had a non-Umbraco related job. After years of owning his own agency and working as an Umbraco freelancer, Per joined the HQ as partner in 2008. He has been involved in pretty much every part of the HQ, from recording videos, teaching courses and building add-on products. Today he prototypes and manages new Core features, Courier and Umbraco Cloud deployments.

Per lives in the Danish Alps with his wife and kids and is an phenomenal cocktail maker (specialising in Campari mixology of course)!

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Training, Intergrations, Umbraco CloudCore


Paul Sterling


Paul is a long-time web developer who found Umbraco love in 2006 when he immediately became a self-styled community evangelist. He joined the HQ in 2010 and works on Umbraco Cloud, our Gold Partner program, training, support and other initiatives at Umbraco HQ to improve products and help our community.

Paul is the go-to-guy to simply make your Umbraco experience as smooth as a good glass of red wine, which he enjoys when he isn’t busy running or being a web-geek. Golden combination in our opinion!

Location: USA


Hit him up for: partner enquiries, on-site training, support agreements

Morten Christensen


With a Masters thesis about the adoption of Server Virtualization Morten is a man not to be messed with. Coming from a .NET agency background working for clients such as LEGO and Pandora Jewellery he is also a proud Dane and became part of the Umbraco community after his first CG in 2009.

Morten is known as one of the most active people in the Danish Umbraco community organising meetups and running the Copenhagen DotNet usergroup and Danish Azure usergroup. At the HQ he's our Azure Hero (and a Microsoft MVP!) spearheading development on Umbraco Cloud after doing a lot of ground work on the Core service layer – you could say he bridges the gap between Core and Umbraco Cloud.

Morten speaks Portuguese, the mother tongue of his lovely wife Claudiane, boycotts the Campari for a good Caipirinha and loves playing LEGOs with his son Orlando.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Azure, Danish community meetups, Umbraco Cloud development


Shannon Deminick


Shannon has been writing code in his spare time since he was a teenager (when MIRC was the thing to do) and made a career of it the second he left college, but by no means fits the stereotype. Shannon is a man of prolific productivity and equally abundant wit. After flying the Umbraco flag at an Australian web agency and being an active core contributor, HQ scored when he agreed to joined the team full-time in 2011. His Umbraco credentials are of epic proportions as the creator of popular libraries Examine, Smidge, Articulate, UmbracoIdentity & ClientDependency, the original founder of uComponents and a Microsoft MVP.

Shan hails from Canada, spent 12 years in Australia and since CG 15 now lives locally in Copenhagen. Needless to say he loves to travel, spend time outdoors, surf (ironic!) and explore music as a guitar player, DJ and electronic music producer (in all that spare time).

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: all things Core development

Sebastiaan Janssen

As the project manager of Umbraco Core, Seb brings the order to the organised chaos. He spends his days wrangling, herding and cracking the whip on our team of devs to make sure we deliver each release on time according to the roadmap.  Seb joined HQ after proving himself an Umbraco-Guru at various agencies in the Netherlands. He runs the MasterClasses in Denmark and offers a helping hand on Our for anyone who needs a little leg up. Sebastiaan keeps up with the science and tech news making sure we're all kept on our toes about what is happening in the industry.

When he’s not nerding out (rarely) he can be found riding his famous Brompton folding bicycle to check out the latest indie band.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Core releases and development, Danish MasterClasses and meetups


Andrew Barta


Andrew is a recent university graduate with a degree in Management Information Systems and Marketing. He now works with Umbraco HQ on support management, Umbraco evangelism, and conducting North American MasterClasses. When he's not busy drying off from all the rain he can be found snowboarding, climbing mountains, mountain biking, or answering your calls and emails. Before joining the HQ Andrew had never heard of Umbraco, and now he's an expert at producing videos, documentation, and answering questions.

He's still deciding which of the many tempting vices he'll choose as his downfall and shopping for the perfect tweed jacket.

Location: USA


Hit him up for: support, North American Masterclasses, Umbraco TV and documentation

Stephan Gay

Stephan Gay

As a child Stephan found it more interesting to tear apart video games and understand how they worked, rather than actually play them. After 6 years in IT at HP printers and 5 years as Tech Lead in various press and internet companies he turned back to his childhood curiosity to “do” rather than to “oversee”. When he started using Umbraco for a customer's project in 2008, Stephan naturally looked at what was under the hood. After declaring it "Completely Broken", he started to fix whatever he could fix, one bit at a time. As of 2014 Stephan joined HQ and now works primarily on Core architecture and development with Shannon.

Stephan lives in Paris with his wife and 4 fantastic kids and whenever possible takes to the Atlantic to sail or race his SL16 catamaran .

Location: France


Hit him up for: Core architecture and development


Mads Rasmussen


Mads is a web designer by trade who became intrigued by UI design and the magic world of javascript development so has devoted himself to mastering the two. Mads attended his first Code Garden before his first Umbraco installation and to no surprise has been a convert ever since.

Mads works on delivering the best back office experience for both editors and developers. Through wire-framing and rapid prototyping he lab tests new ideas, UI concepts and components to make workflows easier and Umbraco a joy to use.

At home Mads is spending time with his girlfriend and two wonderful kids. He is greatly passionate about real food and as an ex-hobby-electro-musician he is hoping to find his way back to the synths and funky beats.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: UI, workflow and usability of the back office

Michael Hyldsgaard


Michael has been self-employed for about 15 years owning an IT Consultant business and a hosting company. With the arrival of children he packed up shop and got work as a web developer before joining the HQ in September 2014. Michael is the Umbraco Cloud server infrastructure guru, securing the foundations on which the entire project is built (the Atlas of Umbraco HQ).

When he isn’t building server infrastructure Michael is building new things in his garden and practices competitive shooting – a powerful man around HQ!

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: all things Azure and server environments including monitoring and reporting for Umbraco Cloud


Mikkel Holck Madsen


Mikkel is an Odense local with a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. Working as a web developer for an Odense agency he earned a Sitecore MVP in 2013 and 2014, before seeking new challenges and jumping onto the Umbraco ship in late 2014 (scandal!).

At HQ Mikkel works on development of the Umbraco Cloud platform, generally making it awesome.

Mikkel lives with his wife Joan and two daughters Ella and Asta where he admits he is a homeowner but an awful handyman and gardener – we can’t be good at everything right?

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: all things Umbraco Cloud

Dennis Aaen


Dennis is an educated multimedia designer and web developer with a background in frontend development and specialty in e-commerce. He has worked with Umbraco since 2010 becoming one of the most active members in the Umbraco community and nominated for Umbraco MVP in both 2014 and 2015. Dennis joins HQ as our “Support Hero” working with customer service on Umbraco Cloud and the Umbraco Core.

When not supporting the Umbraco community and being our customers savior Dennis loves to be with his friends, listen to music and watch football (BOTH kinds!).

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: support and customer service


Martin Wülser Larsen

Martin is Umbraco’s OCD, Online Communication Dragoon. Communication, he knows. Working with online communication for 9 years, sending successful email campaigns to more than 300,000 recipients and training people in various systems, software and methods. At Umbraco HQ, Martin will make sure that our online communication is kept in line, making the user experience a pure delight.

Martin thinks Italy is molto bello, especially when it comes to italian food and wine. And when he’s not working or travelling around in a gondola you might find him in a canoe or a kayak going on an outdoor adventure. Want to know more about Martin? Read his blog post about himself.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: content on, communication and marketing

Rune Strand


Rune used to travel the world as a project manager but decided to start travelling the web instead as a multimedia design student.

Rune joined HQ as the first ever Umbraco Intern but soon graduated from both his studies and his Internship to become a full time employee as “Deluxe Documentation and Onboarding Hero”. He works on Our documentation, community recruitment and assisting with frontend bits and pieces to wow the Umbraco community.

Rune is the fitness example to the rest of HQ spending his time running, Crossfit training and inventing new ways to get injured playing football for the Umbraco Unicorns. His favourite beverage is Campari (of course!) but he’ll settle for some slow poured coffee or a strong IPA.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Our documentation


Torben Rasmussen


Torben joins the cast of HQ as Chairman of the Board aka “Cup Bearer.” Trustworthy and daring, he encourages and supports our beloved Chief Unicorn to realise his full potential and guides HQ through new territory. From a hugely successful career as board chairman, CEO and advisor Torben brings a wealth of expertise in managing company growth, streamlining business processes and expanding companies to become market leaders. As a specialist in IT and technology start-ups he understands what Umbraco stands for and lives life on the line to make sure we all stay true to its values through times of change. Yet most importantly with his common sense and business insight he draws out the best in us, farming the optimum potential of Umbraco.

A strong man both in and out of the board room, Torben loves NFL and wine and recently hit a personal best 180kg 200kg deadlift – The Umbraco Hulk!

Location: Denmark

Kim Sneum Madsen

Kim is an ‘everything’ man. Firefighter, officer and emergency relief logistician during the civil war in Bosnia. BA in political science. History buff. Grey-haired father of two teenage daughters. Kim joins Umbraco from 12 years in SSS (Sales, Service and Support) at e-conomic, a SaaS accounting software company, establishing it as the European equivalent of Zappos in its methods and ways of working with customers.

Kim is opinionated as how to work and organise a business ensuring that the customers are at the centre of everything we do. We do not want satisfied customers. We want customers that by themselves, promote our product.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: As the Chief Friend Maker and heading Umbraco Sales, Service and Support - hit Kim with anything!


Claus Jensen


Claus comes from a background in agency work in both Copenhagen and New York, primarily with a focus on .NET development. He's been using and customizing Umbraco since 2010, and in 2015 he decided to join the HQ team. At the HQ he is working on Core, Umbraco Cloud, Courier and deployment. Outside of work he enjoys some of the good things in life, such as spending time with his girlfriend, watching a good movie, doing geeky stuff on the computer and catching unicorns.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Core, Umbraco Cloud, Courier, deployment

Anders Sørensen


Anders came from a position as a Sales Director in a large Danish agency and was brought on board the Umbraco ship to better understand the needs from our partners.

He has a university degree in Organisation and Leadership and is moulded from the Royal Danish Guard as an officer.

Anders has 100% focus on making closer relationships with our partners and understanding the increasing needs from our close friends.

Spare time is training (Swim/bike/run) - Yes, Anders is a triathlete and bears the title as "IRONMAN" - BUT, he is also very fond of good red wine.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Partnership or Umbraco Cloud Referral Program


Warren Buckley

Warren Buckley

Warren has spent most of his last 10 years in web development using Umbraco in one way or another - from working at various web agencies, to even working at Umbraco HQ previously on Umbraco.TV, CodeGarden & helping new users. He simply couldn't stay away and this time is back for more to work on 'Forms'; the artist formerly known as Contour. He loves the Umbraco community and runs uHangout, a weekly(-ish) video podcast where he chats with members of the community about projects & packages they have been working on.

When Warren isn't bashing his keys frantically on the keyboard or talking to the Umbraco community then you can find him enjoying a good flat white and the company of his wife & teeny tiny daughter.

Location: United Kingdom


Hit him up for: Forms, or if you want to demo anything on uHangout

Vera Green

Vera Green

Vera is a recent university graduate with a masters degree in International Business Communication. At Umbraco HQ she spends her days as a copywriter, promoting Umbraco stories on web and social media. Vera was first introduced to Umbraco CMS during her internship at The Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2015 where she learned the basic functions of the system. 

When she’s not typing away at HQ, Vera enjoys spending time with family and friends and is often seen going for a stroll in the local park. She loves good food and wine and finds it exciting to try new restaurants. Although Vera is Danish through and through, previous addresses in England means that she still starts off her day with a cuppa – milk, no sugar.

Location: Denmark


Hit her up for: marketing and communications, uNews, blog, social media


Georgs Bormanis


Georgs is currently studying web-development and is pretty new to Umbraco world. He admits that he would never have seen himself working in this field as his love is working with photos and videos, but times changed and he find himself in the web development world!

Georgs joined HQ as an Intern and is now working on service and support. Georgs has had experience with different CMS systems but he admits, Umbraco really is the friendliest one! He is a big sports fan and back in the day he was known as a "walking orchestra" because he knows how to play many different music instruments.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Customer service and support

Ilham Boulghallat


Ilham is passionate about innovation and it is this which led her to join Umbraco while still pursuing her masters degree in Management of Innovation Processes at the University of Southern Denmark. Ilham has moved to Denmark from her native Morocco, to experience the Scandinavian way of life. From Casablanca to Odense, Ilham has certainly gone the distance to a life-changing experience, and Umbraco offered her a new venue to express herself and prove her multicultural and multidisciplinary talents. 

Ilham is an avid reader and moviegoer who enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures and traditions. She also thrives on speaking and learning different languages, even if her daily struggle with Danish has apparently challenged her abilities.

Location: Denmark


Hit her up for: Any training queries and partner support


Jim Jensen


Jim is one of the newest members to the team and the entire Umbraco world. He has for the past few years been working with web development, project lead and customers support.
With a strong belief in open-source and sharing knowledge, he has an urge to be a part of an ambitious and exciting team. He has never claimed to be super smart on a single subject, but likes to think that he knows a little on almost everything else.

Jim lives with his girlfriend, and soon also a newborn son, and when not in front of the computer, enjoys spending time on his mountain bike or running. It is actually a secret, but he loves nursing around the greenhouse in his garden, just to watch things grow – it is almost like magic, so who can really blame him!?

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Support queries 

Emil Wangaa


Having spent the last 4 years doing a plethora of sites and APIs for the Danish Broadcasting Company, Emil felt it was time to seek new challenges and what better place to go than the Umbraco HQ, right?

He was looking for a company where he could focus on a product and continuously improve and support it. So Emil will help make Umbraco Cloud the number one choice for you to get your Umbraco solutions up and running.

When not hacking away at HQ, Emil enjoys time with his wife and wee boy, playing a mean blues guitar in his band 'The Blues Bakery', or maybe enjoying a quiet moment with a delicious IPA in the glass while rewiring his pedalboard.

Location: Denmark


Hit him up for: Umbraco Cloud


Sofie Toft Kristensen


Sofie has a degree in web communications, and since she finished her studies a couple of years ago, she has been working as a frontend developer, creating beautiful and functional websites for different types of companies. Although she is a huge nerd who loves to code, she also has a big passion for service. That’s why she chose to apply for a job at Umbraco HQ where she can provide an outstanding service, and at the same time be in touch with her nerdy roots. When not playing, or working in front of the computer, Sofie likes to bury herself in creative projects, read fantasy novels or simply go for a long walk.

Location: Denmark


Hit her up for: Customer service and support


Want more photos of our ridiculously good looking HQ? Be sure to check out Douglas Robar, Percipient Studios. Douglas has been taking thousands of photos at Umbraco events since the early days and you can find his inspiring collection on Flickr.